The gaming challenge of UNESCO MGIEP inspired us to create a game that can represent the widest possible range of our real-world problems and challenges. Our game, WORLD RESCUE doesn’t stop there. It educates about solutions in a playful way and helps you understand how can you contribute in your daily life.

Introduced in a casual way and with cartoon art, World Rescue is suitable for all ages.  Your very own finger acts as a superhero and with it you change and save the world.

World Rescue is about solving local problems through helping the inhabitants, following the “Think globally, act locally” idea. You have to complete a series of mini-game missions to reach a solution to a local problem. You will solve puzzles and trivias, schedule people’s lives, provide them aid, and so on.

World Rescue brings the idea of responsibility, peace and sustainable production, consumption and development to our daily lives through gaming and helps to make it a reality on a global scale.

World Rescue will be available this Fall on iOS and Android (Google, Amazon) devices.