ZU Digital members have developed and published more than 60+ titles so far, targeting various age groups, game genres, and multiple platforms. Our main target platforms are iOS and Android with Google Play store and Amazon Appstore both, but we also have products for Samsung Store, Tabeo, Ouya and Nvidia Shield platforms. After several live wallpapers, innovative augmented reality and prank apps, we made our first game Rescue Me – The Adventures. It was an instant hit thanks to the innovative method of connecting the game world and the player through his finger. For the same purpose and its attention to details, it was critically acclaimed as well, calling it a “genre defining” and “genre founding” action puzzler. Our action games with a similar game concept produced more than 10 million downloads so far and have been featured by Apple and Google in their stores several times. Most of our games were developed for a casual audience, in an approachable, cartoonish art style.

We’re also helping many smaller indie companies and developers publishing their games, and have several licensing agreements with IP right owners for our products. Beside traditional games, we have a kids’ game line and multimedia and edutainment titles as well. We cooperate with teachers and academics in their respective fields, and also foundations and organizations like the Normandie Mémoire Committee, Hungarian National Museum, and Duna-Dráva National Parks.

Some of our most successful apps are: